flatwater dry aged beef



Q: Does Dry Aging make the beef dry?

A: Not at all. The dry aging process concentrates the flavor while losing some of the water weight before the cuts are made. Our steaks are similar to what you will get at a high end steakhouse.


Q: Is the entire beef dry aged?

A: Yes. Our 21 day dry aged process starts before any cuts are made. So we hang the full beef in a climate controlled cooler for the proper amount of time before cutting into individual steaks and roasts. This also gives more flavor to our ground beef.


Q: Does dry aging make steaks more tender?

A: Yes. The natural enzymes break down the marbling/meat for a more tender cut of beef.


Q: Is Flatwater Beef 100% Grass Fed?

A: No. While we partner with local ranchers in central Nebraska our cattle are fed a blend of grass and grains to help maintain the optimal health of the animal.