Saving Time with WordPress Plugins Makes Money

As the saying goes, Time is Money. In order to make the most of your time, you need to add WordPress plugins to your blog site. There are so many plugins available for WordPress; it is mind-boggling. So many of the plugins are free, so it is silly not to add a free plugin that will help you make more money.

Plugins can do many things to improve your site. Here are some of the ways plugins can help you:

  • Step up your Google ranking.
  • Improve your visitor’s experience while at your site. 
  • Increase page load speed.
  • Protect your site from infection.
  • Take and report Analysis information from your site
  • Generate an XML map for your site
  • Create contact forms
  • Provide a way to back up your site to a storage location.
  • Brand your website with a logo
  • Allow visitors to book appointments while on your site.
  • Add an e-commerce store to your site
  • Add a membership feature to your site.
  • Optimize the images on your site.

These are just a few of the ways plugins can assist you. Since there are so many plugins. Let us take a look at a few of the WordPress plugin options and how they will give you more time to do other things and increase your cash flow. So here they are:

Yet Another Related Posts Plugin– This plugin has the ability to display a list of other web pages that are about the same topic as the current post. With this plugin, you can increase your cash flow by showing the content of sponsors on your page.

Duplicator Pro Plugin– This plugin saves tremendous amounts of time when trying to migrate, move, or clone a WordPress website. They also have cloud backups & reliable customers service.

Floating Social– This plugin gives your website the ability to share content on social media outlets. With the click of a button, users can share your posts and pages.

Broken Link Checker– This plugin keeps an eye out for links listed on your website that no longer work or are broken. Having broken or nonexisting links on your site will diminish the trustworthiness and frustrate the user. Frustrated users bounce somewhere else. 

Beacon– This plugin helps you convert your blog posts to ebooks. So if you take the content you already have and serve it to the users in a different form, different users will take it.

Yoast SEO– This is plugin guides you through the process of optimizing your web pages. Search engines like Google, favor optimized website pages.

Akismet– This is an anti-spam plugin. This plugin filters out all spam comments from your site.

ManageWP–This plugin helps you to manage more than one blog from the same dashboard. A definite time saver if you have more than one blog.

Enable Media Replace– This plugin allows you to replace pieces of media with ones you already have used. This saves time when you are going through many pages adding pictures, logos, and other repetitive branding information instead of going a find the same media piece over and over.

So these are just a few time saving, business building plugins you need to add to WordPress. However, this list is not even the tip of the iceberg. There are so many more WordPress plugins you need to add to your website. 

Take a few moments and honestly look at your website. Now, look for plugins that can save you time and build up your bank account.